"Freedom is learned by exercising it"
Clara Campoamor

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    “Overextraction, drainage of wetlands and swamps, deforestation, many irrigation projects and poorly drained land, pesticide and fertilizer leaks, pollution from industry spills and households that were not properly treated or that were not treated at all, the widespread construction of large reservoirs, the increasing exploitation of underground aquifers, the channeling of navigable waterways, the plans for water transfer between watersheds and the ravages of climate change induced by […]


    During the last couple of months the Extinction Rebellion movement has been carrying out acts of non-violent civil disobedience throughout the world1,2 , mainly in the United Kingdom, in order to achieve a radical change in the management of the planet’s environmental policies. The aim is to minimize the risk of human extinction and the ecological collapse3. The movement, which emerged in London by the end of 2018 and is spreading every day throughout more states, is organized into small […]