ECOAR))) is a space of a global nature made up of people who coordinate, build and operate, from the local to the international, to face the injustices, creating alternatives and social response to the system.

In addition, ECOAR))) aims to be a solid, resilient, creative, efficient and effective structure for social movements and citizens, seeking the construction of a global system based on justice, ethics and dignity.

ECOAR))) is an acronym formed from Espazo de (Contra) discurso, Construción, e Coordinación de Alternativas e Resposta Social [Space for (Counter) discourse, Construction, and Coordination of Alternatives and Social Response for its acronym in Galician].

In addition, ‘ecoar’ is a term that has a triple meaning in Galician that reflects the identity of the project:

  • Multiply“, since it seeks to build campaigns, initiatives and actions, as well as weaving networks where to add forces to achieve a solid impact.
  • Echo“, because it is intended to spread the diversity of voices, approaches and lines that offer alternatives as well as other visions of what’s happenning on the planet, both theoretical and practical.
  • Rumble“, since it seeks to carry out a line of action that has a real and effective impact on the structure of the system.

Ecoar))) seeks to create a space for coordination and mobilization generating a critical and active social fabric to articulate, from the local to the international, a unitary response to capitalist hegemony through plurality, summative action, and networking.

ECOAR))) starts from a series of values ​​that are collated with 10 basic points, to be able to structure its mode of action in order to obtain campaigns, initiatives, and actions that are coherent, effective and qualitative.

ECOAR))) is a space made up of people with different sensitivities and provenances. They share among them a common objective and a way of understanding activism in a qualitative way through commitment, coherence, dignity and ethics.

No, ECOAR))) is non-partisan, non-union, and non-denominational. This does not mean that ECOAR))) is a structure contrary to other forms of organization. Nevertheless ECOAR))) defends the principle of independence as the basis of this action.

Structure and operation

ECOAR))) is a space that operates globally. ECOAR))) is made up of activists from different countries who coordinate to carry out actions based on the construction of alternatives and social response.

The general assembly is the central and ultimate decision-making body, and consensus of all parties is always sought. Each group, however, has autonomy at the time of developing its work, always in accordance with the basic principles and the coherence of the group.

ECOAR))) bases its action on the principle of independence. For this matter the processes and tools encouraged are open and focused on self-management. In any case ECOAR))) does not admit in any way:

  • Money from governments or transnational entities of any kind.
  • Money from natural or legal persons that do not respect its principles.
  • Advertising revenue.

ECOAR))) is an independent tool that relies on direct action, public pressure, awareness and solidarity, to denounce, make visible and raise awareness about global problems related to human rights and the environment, as well as to activate citizenship acting effectively from analysis, planning and strategy.


In general ECOAR))) is committed to culture and information in an open way and the materials that are on the web usually have a license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Even so the web may have third party materials with another type of license. In these cases, the type of license indicated should always be respected.


Any individual who agrees with the basic principles, values and way of working of ECOAR))).

Visit the activist space, from which you can consult step by step the different ways of being able to participate in ECOAR))), as well as the main doubts that may be presented to you.

Yes, as long as this does not go against the basic principles of ECOAR))).

Visit the “Inform Yourself” area in the activist space and stay informed and active through publications, campaigns, social networks, etc.

ECOAR))) keeps the personal data that it manages in a computerized and encrypted file. In addition, in no case will any use of your data be made without your consent. If you want you can make a more in-depth consultation of the treatment of your data in our Privacy Policy.