We do not adjust to the established legal or cultural standards, our performance is always governed by integrity and respect for our principles, values, methods and convictions in every action, situation and circumstance.



We understand that each view has a voice and a space to fill, and that its action must have a proactive character.



We can not speak of justice without getting equitable sharing and access to resources, tools and information, while promoting, exercising and respecting everyone’s freedoms and rights, as well as the planet itself.



We use nonviolent direct action to make visible, sensitize, denounce and tackle global problems, as well as for individuals and societies to empower, activate and mobilize themselves in defense of their rights and the environment.



We build our performance and positioning in all areas, in a logical and consistent manner, keeping with our values, principles, methods and convictions.



Our performance always begins with a thorough analysis, based on technical criteria, to develop a strategy and planning, so we can find ways to respond to problems and situations, and also find solutions for them.



Our independence is economic (because we do not accept money from governments or corporations, or any natural or legal person who does not respect our principles), legal (because we do not exist administratively) and of action (as we declare ourselves as non-union, non-partisan and non-denominational).



An aseptic, scientific-technical and independent vision allows us to get unbiased information, and therefore, to address each situation in an equable manner, regardless of where, when, how or who it comes from.



We seek to establish a structure capable of absorbing shocks without significantly altering its features and functionality, through risk forecasting and synergy with other organizations and individuals.



We seek to preserve and enhance the diversity, as well as conceiving each solution as a plural event in which each party brings their particular perspective and accommodates every aspect of their reality, allowing actions, initiatives and campaigns to be structured globally while impinging, influencing and acting locally.



We understand that the key to generate a horizontal global society is for all its elements to have clear mechanisms for accountability, as well as an equitable control and access to information and different tools.